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Showa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Showa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. ( 昭和化学工業 ), established in 1933 is a privately controlled company headquartered in Tokyo, which is also traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

We are the leading producer of diatomite and perlite filter aids and fillers in Japan.  We operate several diatomite and perlite mines, four diatomite plants, and two perlite expansion plants and our R&D Center in Japan.

We have been supporting existing customers based on four sales branches in Japan . Our current share of the domestic market is approximately 70%.

We entered the Chinese market and established an operating subsidiary, Radiolite Trading Co., Ltd., in Beijing in 2010. We also established a new Joint Venture production plant, which started production in the last quarter 2012. Both Radiolite Trading Co., Ltd. and our new plant are dedicated to support the growing needs of Asia.
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